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2010-03-16 10:35 am
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HMD and Permissions

Post below if you have any constructive criticism for me.

This is also a place to let me know if there's anything you would like to plot with me or anything Yukimi should or shouldn't know about your character. He's an information-gatherer, so if there's something you absolutely don't want me to find out, feel free to let me know in person, or post it here.
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2010-03-16 10:36 am
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Character Information

Character Information

Canon Source: Nabari no Ou
Canon Format: Anime and manga
Character's Name: Kazuhiko Yukimi
Character's Age: 27Cut for Length )
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2010-03-16 10:39 am
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Contact Post

IC Contact

Hey, you've reached Yukimi Kazuhiko. Leave a message.

OOC Contact

Name: Cnd. I also answer to Itachi-mun, if you like.
AIM: hellbreakercnd
Email: chichirinoda@gmail.com