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Character Information

Character Information

Canon Source: Nabari no Ou
Canon Format: Anime and manga
Character's Name: Kazuhiko Yukimi
Character's Age: 27

What form will your character's NV take? Yukimi's NV will be a sophisticated flip-phone, with text, video and voice capabilities.

Character's Canon Abilities: Yukimi is a ninja. Though there are ninja in his world who have some extremely supernatural forbidden attacks, Yukimi isn't one of those. He is a very good fighter, a good shot, and a free-lance writer, but his canon abilities are mostly taijutsu - hand to hand and weapon combat. Ninja in his world can, however, also call on the five elements to cast lesser jutsu, such as to teleport themselves short distances, conceal themselves, or set things on fire. Though Yukimi doesn't use these abilities often in the show, I'm going to assume for the sake of Siren's Pull that he does know them, and call these his canon 'magical' abilities.
Weapons: He uses a semi-automatic pistol and also carries a few kunai with him at all times (knife style).

Character History: The world of Nabari no Ou is set in modern day Japan. There is the real world, but underneath it is a hidden shadow world, called the world of Nabari, which most people don't know exists.

In the real world, Kazuhiko Yukimi is a freelance writer, who primarily writes a column of restaurant critiques and reviews, and writes television scripts. But in the Nabari world, Yukimi is a member of the 'Grey Wolves' ninja team, an elite independent faction of Iga Village ninja. Iga is one of the largest ninja villages still in existence in Japan, and currently exists primarily on the internet. His sister Kazuho is also a member of the Grey Wolves. The Yukimi siblings were born in the real world, but were picked up and became ninja after their abusive father was hauled away by police, and Kazuhiko carries the scars of his childhood to this day. Today Kazuhiko and Kazuho are both very highly placed members of the Grey Wolves, one of the few who answer directly to the leader, Hattori Toujurou. He was completely loyal to Hattori, though he had reservations about the goal of the Grey Wolves, to use the Shinrabanshou to take away everyone's memories in the world, and create a new world order of peace, freed of the hatred and resentment that had built up over centuries. Despite his reservations, he was determined to do his best to fulfil his leader's dream.

One day, a boy was given to Yukimi to take care of. Yukimi was told that the boy could use the forbidden ability 'Kira', which is the special forbidden ability of the Iga Village and allows you to kill literally with a thought. Though the boy refused to speak, Yukimi gave him the name 'Yoite', and slowly the two developed a good relationship. Yukimi began as Yoite's handler and supervisor, but grew very fond and protective of him over time.

Approximately 6 months after Yoite came to live with Yukimi, word came that the Shinrabanshou had been located. The Grey Wolves coveted this special technique, which could literally be used to manipulate physics and make any wish come true. They want to develop a technique which would transfer the Shinrabanshou from the young boy in which it currently resided - Miharu Rokujou - to the leader Hattori. To that end, Yoite and Yukimi were sent to the village of Fuuma to steal their scroll of forbidden techniques. There they encountered Miharu and his friends for the first time, before successfully stealing the scroll and leaving.

Soon after that, Yoite vanished. Yukimi was given further instructions to keep a tighter rein on Yoite, but instead of searching for him, he waited and worked on his real world job, sure that Yoite would return on his own or not at all. When Yoite did return, Yukimi told him that his home would always be a safe haven for him.

Everyone turned their attention to Tougakushi, one of the other ninja villages, whose forbidden scroll allowed their leader to read minds. They were hired to assassinate a powerful and corrupt CEO, and Kouga approached Banten to hire them to commit the assassination themselves in exchange for the scroll. Yukimi and Yoite were sent to protect the CEO, who made little use of them, not understanding the power of their abilities. After a pitched battle in which Yoite freaked out after his mind was read, Yukimi and Yoite basically allowed the CEO to be killed, and the scroll ended up going to Fuuma. (It's complicated, okay? And the history is getting long enough as it is. I am SO sorry.)

Eventually Miharu joined the Grey Wolves himself, pretending that he believed in Hattori's ideals, when in truth he was trying to get the scrolls himself and learn how to use the Shinrabanshou so he could grant Yoite's wish. Yukimi was basically saddled with both kids, as well as joining forces with the samurai Raikou, and they headed off to the Ayla Village, hoping to either negotiate for or steal their forbidden scroll. Ayla had issued an invitation for them to come and discuss the future of the Nabari world.

In the end, the Ayla turned out to have an agenda. All of the people who had been invited (including Miharu's friends from Banten, who were very hurt at his seeming betrayal) were attacked in the dead of night. The Ayla ability was a powerful healing jutsu that could heal anything. However, it turned out that in order to use it, one had to sacrifice the lives of young ninja. Ayla had invited them all there to use them as sacrifices. The Grey Wolves, Fuuma, and Banten ninja ended up joining forces to a certain extent to protect their own lives, and finally the Ayla students who didn't support the betrayal gave the scroll to Miharu willingly, stating that the Ayla Village was going to dissolve thereafter.
Point in Canon: I'm going to take Yukimi from the manga, immediately after the battle in Ayla village, which is the point at which the anime and the manga diverge.

Character Personality: Yukimi is a ninja, which means he has a certain amount of ruthlessness. He will kill without hesitation, if the mission demands it. He believes that being hard and aloof is necessary for him to serve Hattori properly, and so he tries not to care much about Yoite and to keep himself emotionally distant from his enemies, even once he starts to get to know them.

However, Yukimi's rather a softie deep down. He believes that a ninja should never do more than the mission parameters require. So he would never kill or hurt someone if it wasn't necessary to complete the mission. He doesn't hurt people for fun or for sport, but only when necessary.

He also believes that one of the worst things a person from the Nabari world can do is get someone from the real world involved. When he comes to collect Yoite and Miharu from Kumohira at one point in the story, he initially runs into Kumohira's girlfriend. When he realizes that she's actually from the real world, not a ninja, he almost immediately leaves rather than taking her hostage or threatening her - an act that would have been easy for him to accomplish and would have gotten him what he wanted.

Though he claims not to like children, he's very protective of Yoite and even Miharu. It's not in his nature to be a bully or to hurt the innocent, and while he looks down on Kumohira for not being willing to kill at all, he hesitates when there are children involved and does his best to minimize violence where possible. He also deeply loves his sister. Though he's very devoted to Hattori and believes in his goals initially, his conscience eventually leads him to leave the Grey Wolves and betray them. Though he's stubborn, he can't willingly go on doing something he knows is wrong.
Character Plans: Yukimi will blend in well, and likely tell few people that he's a ninja, especially at first. He will slip as quickly as possible into his freelance writer persona, taking on jobs in that field. Once he runs into Yoite and Miharu (which I expect won't take long) he'll probably try to get close to them again, and I believe he'll probably move in with them and get involved in what is going on with him. He may join the greeter group, but I think it'll take him some time to find his place in Siren's Port and decide how best to use his Nabari skills, since he has no master to give him orders and no mission to fulfil.

Appearance/PB: Bamf